Offer in Compromise

If you are having trouble paying prior year tax liabilities, my best advice is to engage a local professional who will give your case the attention it requires. It is important that you reach out to a professional who will personally evaluate your case.

If you choose George Watson Taxman for your offer in compromise, I will invite you to my office to go over the case–you will not be dealing with a trained sales person over the phone. I will personally evaluate your case. After obtaining information from you, I will then advise as to whether I believe filing an offer in compromise would be successful in your case, and then I will quote you an approximate fee for my services.

While I cannot guarantee that your offer in compromise will be successful, I will use my experience to evaluate whether I think you have a reasonable chance. I do not put clients into offer in compromises unless I have a good faith belief that they will be successful. I will also tell you the weaknesses of your case up front. Either way, no surprises.

For your appointment, please bring the following:

  • Copy of the last tax returns you filed
  • Any correspondence you have received from the IRS or the state
  • Any additional information requested


*DISCLAIMER: George A. Watson, II, CPA, PA is a firm licensed by the North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners. Mr. Watson is employed by that firm and is licensed as a North Carolina CPA (Licensee No. 18984). Mr. Watson is not a North Carolina attorney. The content of this website is not intended as specific advice. Each client’s situation is different, and advice can only be provided at an in-person consultation.